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             Africa. Mozambique. 2014

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of an evangelist, publishes peace, good tidings of good preaching salvation … Isaiah 52:7
                                                                                                           Dear Friends,


Welcome to the love of our Lord! We would like to share what the Lord has done for his kingdom on our mission trip to Mozambique, Africa. The journey to Africa was long.

Traveling by plane it took us two days and about eight hours to get there. When we arrived we had to adjust to a new lifestyle. We woke up early, went to bed late, the nights were hot, and in the afternoon the temperature reached to about 115 Farenheit. We had to prepare our food over a fire. We traveled around the villages by trucks. The seats were made out of bags of corn, so the ride was uncomfortable. Even in such circumstances, we enjoyed each other’s company, singing, praying, and talking about God.

God has placed in our hearts a desire and given us a great opportunity to serve in Africa. We had 34 people from America and Ukraine. We were divided into four groups: the Evangelists, builders, Bible schoolteacher, and doctors.
We had 41 services and two large conferences. We also had the opportunity to visit five new villages, in addition to the 34 villages we visited last time.

During our stay in Africa, about a thousand people came to Christ. Each time when we came back to the churches, there would be more people coming to church. At the service, the Africans testified how God has changed their lives- freed them from sin, from the different dependences of alcohol, smoking, witchcraft and other sins. One woman got up to testify at the service. She testified that six months ago, when our group came to her village, her husband repented from alcohol and other sins, and his life changed completely. He stopped drinking and smoking to become a good Christian. She proclaimed, “From this day forward, I will also serve God.” That story has touched our hearts because we have seen how God is changing lives.

We also worked with children, conducted Bible lessons, sang, and played. The children were very interested in what we had to teach them. They always wanted to stay with us. They were always holding our hands and did not want to leave us. After each evangelization, we distributed to children candy and gave the adults bag of corn.

At the first conference, we brought together a lot of people. We felt the presence of God at the blessed service. During our service, we had many different directions of prayers: prayer for repentance, baptism of the Holy Spirit, prayer for healing, for liberation, and for the strengthening of faith. Many people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. After the conference, our group fed all adults and children.

A week later, with God’s help, we held a second conference. On Saturday, our brothers went to the district villages about two hours away from us. Two trucks brought people to the location of the conference that was held on Sunday. When all the people from the district villages arrived, we had a worship service. After the service, everyone went to bed. Each person was responsible for finding his or her own spot to sleep. Most people slept outside on the ground. Some sat around and did not go to sleep the entire night. On Sunday, the conference was held. This conference was always blessed. People came with many different needs and prayer requests. After the service, we fed people again.

Our group had two doctors, each of which had their own assistants. One of them was a dentist. Every day they went to different villages. The chief would supply an isolated room for medical services. The doctors provided medical care to all in need. People would start waiting early morning until late night, and they would stand in lines to see the doctors. The doctors prescribed medicine to people with all kinds of diseases. The doctor were able to perform small surgeries on patients that needed their care and attention. The dentist was pulling teeth for some patients who had infections for several years. There were some patients who had much trouble eating because of the pain that it caused. Others were not even able to eat. The patients without the money to go to the doctor were so thankful for the care and attention they received.


The builders that were a part of our team built four new churches for the ministry. They worked from early morning until late at night every single day. It is estimated to be able to build a church, including the construction of the church costs about $4,500.

We had three wells put in for three different villages. Those three villages were in great need of the wells because they had a water shortage. In one village, people would have to walk 20 km to fetch water. Another had a column, but not always water. This would cause people to be forced to wait hours for the water supply to rise just to be able to get some water. Sometimes this would cause people to have to sleep over night by the water until morning. We provided a well in places with a strong need for water.

God gave our brothers the opportunity to teach in the Bible School that our African brothers attend. We organized to gather Pastors and leaders from 32 different villages to teach them Bible. They would all stay at the same place and live together while attending Bible School. In America, we were able to collect and organize practical gifts for the Africans. We put them in a container to be delivered to us when we arrived in Africa. This gave us the ability to hand out the items from the container to the people in need within the villages. Things in the container included things such as clothes, food, equipment, and Christmas presents for children. We selected clothing and Christmas gifts for the wives and children of our brothers attending Bible school.
We have provided many necessary things for the people in Mozambique with the funds you have generously donated including: corn, rice, materials for the construction of churches, one truck, also for the transport of the container, and Bible school. Our group has safely returned home. Seven people have stayed behind for five more months in Africa. With God’s provision, we have fulfilled all that was possible in our power.

In conclusion, we want to whole-heartedly thank God for your compassionate, kind and sacrificial heart. Without God’s provision, your prayers and donations, and the work that was planned this trip would have been impossible.


God Bless you all! May you continue to work, pray, and sacrifice for the kingdom of God.
If you have any questions please call this number:

425-346-2861: Artem Kovalevich


In all things I gave you, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak and pamyatat words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’                          Acts 20:35

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